Impossible Situations

What do you do when a life storm sets in and you can’t find a solution?  When you give someone everything you have, do all you can do for them and they still treat you badly.  I’m not talking about the times you didn’t give your all but […]

Difficult Relationships

Have you ever found yourself in a miserable negative conversation with a friend or family member which you cannot escape.  Or have you been blindsided by someone you care about as they unleased cruel unfair comments or attitudes leaving you unsure how to bring peace back to the […]

Putting God First

Another wonderful song by Lauren Daigle.  The troubles of this world fade when we focus on the cross, trust God to fight our battles and keep God in his rightful place – FIRST.  Everything the world has to offer is temporary.  Only our Heavenly Father offers eternal security.  […]

Books on the Go

I visited the Buckfast Abbey bookshop last week and picked up two books, ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ and this one, ‘Studying the Life of Saint Francis of Assisi’.  I had Dottie in tow and she wasn’t welcome in any of the buildings understandably.  I will make a solo trip […]