Books on the Go

I visited the Buckfast Abbey bookshop last week and picked up two books, ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ and this one, ‘Studying the Life of Saint Francis of Assisi’.  I had Dottie in tow and she wasn’t welcome in any of the buildings understandably.  I will make a solo trip […]

Today’s Sermon

I’ve listened to Dr. Stanley for many years.  I enjoy his sermons because they are straight out of the Word of God.  Many preachers have taken to performing motivational speeches.  Some find these helpful but I find when I focus on spiritual growth from a ‘me’ perspective — […]

Church Crawlers

Church Crawler – One who takes great interest in church history, art and architecture.  A favorite hobby.  This is the Church of St Thomas a Becket, South Cadbury.  More photos will be posted throughout the week. Copyright Ziv Cee Ray.  All rights reserved.

Psalm 9:9

The Word of God brings me joy even on the most difficult days.  My Bible is the most precious thing I own.  I read it every day.  Here we find God’s promises and his direction.  It’s impossible to achieve spiritual enlightenment without studying God’s Word.  Here we find answers, strength and comfort.  […]